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CCMT - Commercial Carpet Maintenance Technician


The Commercial Maintenance Technician Course (CCMT) is THE class for those cleaners wanting to expand their business into the massive commercial carpet cleaning and maintenance market. In this course you learn the differences between cleaning carpet in a living room and hallway compared to a conference room and corridor. Reduce callbacks, control chemical costs, know how to recognize carpet problems before they snag you. No question is left unanswered in this comprehensive course. Attendees will be given the opportunity to become certified as a Commercial Maintenance Technician by the IICRC (Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification).

In this course you will gain basic knowledge and experience hands-on training in:

  • A Brief History of Carpets - from France to Dalton, Georgia.

  • Fibers, Fiber Identification, Carpet Construction - from filaments (and their sources) to finished product. Complete information so you know what you’re dealing with. How to identify tufted carpet from woven carpet. Not all woven carpet is wool.

  • Carpet Dyeing and Colors - How did the color get there in the first place? Is this carpet printed or is the color pattern woven into it?

  • Texture and Characteristics - The appearance: what is “normal” and what is “damage”? Traffic-related pile reversal, what is it, what does it look like. What is watermarking?

  • Installation - The difference between Stretch-In and Glue Down…what makes a good seam…what are the cushions out there that you will run into. Raveling at seams and its causes. Ripples on a glue down?

  • Soiling - Real soil vs. apparent soil. What causes shadows or is it a metamerism?

  • The Cleaning Cycle - Temperature, agitation, chemicals and time. How to make the cleaning pie work for you. How a rotary scrubber will save your back. Dry vacuuming, cleaning, rinsing and drying are all important. Find out why.

  • Understanding pH - is it all a bunch of bunk? Find out for yourself.

  • The Chemistry of Cleaning - Detergents, surfactants and more. What’s the point of traffic lane cleaners? Is shampoo bad? How about optical brighteners? Do you HAVE to rinse?

  • On-Location Cleaning Methods -  5 approved methods of cleaning. Is hot water extraction the best or only way to clean and maintain a carpet? See what you think.

  • Overwetting Problems - Soil wicking, sour odors, shrinkage, mildew, what’s your “favorite” problem?

  • Crew Procedures - Equipment and safety, client relations and complaints are covered, as well as cleaning procedures.

  • Spot Removal - What’s the difference between a spot and a stain? How to stop wicking. Dry solvents are good at removing gum, why too much will have you taking a carpet repair course.

About Your Instructor:
Mark Violand started his 29+ year floorcovering career in the carpet cleaning industry. Let Mark show you how to clean carpet professionally and profitably. His reputation precedes him as Northeast Ohio’s “go-to” floorcovering inspector, working for carpet, resilient, wood and laminate manufacturers and floorcovering retailers, along with consulting carpet installation contractors.

Certification testing begins immediately following the course. A separate fee (cash, check, or credit card) payable to IICRC is required at the time of testing.

TMC Group, LTD., 400 N. State Rd., Medina, OH 44256 888-274-3774

IICRC Approved School

Code # 271

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