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Rug Cleaning Technician

Classes with IICRC Exam

Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification


RCT - Rug Cleaning Technician - 2 CEC's

Special Instructor: Ruth Travis
Assistant Instructor: L.J. (Jeff) Bishop


Rug Cleaning Technician (RCT): 2-Day Course Outline


Definition of Rugs, Rug History, Countries of Origin,

Current Trends, Liability and Insurance

Module 1 - Fibers, Yarns
Fibers: Natural Fibers, Protein Fibers, Cellulosic (Bast) Fibers,
Modified, Regenerated Cellulosics, Synthetic Fibers
Fiber Distortion and Performance, Fiber Identification (Burn, Chemical Tests)
Fiber Life Cycle, Yarns, Foundations, Backings, Dyeing

Module 2 - Rug Construction
Rug Types and Construction
Rug Designs and Styles, Rug Cushion (Pad, Underlayment)

Module 3 - Rug Soiling
Rug Soil Types, Rug Soil Summary

Module 4 - Cleaning Basics
Chemistry of Cleaning: The pH scale
Principles of Cleaning, Methods of Cleaning

Module 5 - Spotting, Special Treatments
Spots, Stains and Discolorations, Spotting Agent Summary, Color Removal Agents,
Special Purpose Chemicals, Urine Decontamination

Module 6 - Inspecting Rugs
Purpose of Inspections, Inspection Categories, Identification (Tagging) of Rugs
Specific Conditions to Inspect and Document
Color Fastness Test, Customer Briefings, Condition Report

Module 7 - Cleaning Procedures
On-location versus In-plant procedures
Specific Procedures: Orientals, Crewel; Needlepoint, Braided Rugs, Flokatis, Designer Rugs, Cellulosic (Bast) Rugs, Hooked Rugs, Skins and Leather, Other Cleaning Techniques, Fringe Cleaning, Blocking

Module 8 - Cleaning Challenges
Shading, Yellowing, Streaking, Bleeding/Dye Migration, Fungal/Insect Damage,
Browning, Delamination, Water Damage, Mold Contamination

Module 9 - Simple Rug Repair Basics
Restoration, Conservation, Repair Tools, Equipment, Scrim Replacement,
Braid Restitching/Repair, Side Cord Repair/Serging/Overcasting, Blocking, Fringe/End Repair, Rug Binding, Color Repair, Seam Repair, Curled (rippled, wrinkled) Edges, Pulled Loop Repair

Module 10 Finalizing
Finishing: Grooming, Protector Application
Final Inspection, Wrapping, Storage, Delivery


See Guest Instructor Ruth Travis'

website for additional details


TMC Group, LTD., 400 N. State Rd., Medina, OH 44256 888-274-3774

IICRC Approved School

Code # 271

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